Living good. Living healthy. Living green.

Hello there!

Let me give you a quick impression of who I am and what I do. First of all i will introduce myself, I’m Maatje van Broeckhuysen. I’m currently a 22 year old student at the HAN specializing in Food & Business. I’m also known as Freshdelishlifestyle, this comes from the ideas I like to promote. How to life a healthy, happy lifestyle by cooking good food for your mind and body. Although I do love cooking and developing recipes I do not want it to be a full-time cook. I enjoy creative projects which combine several of my hobbies like cooking, photographing, journaling and keeping up with the latest trends. I love involving many of these skills in my daily life. Marketing healthy products and sharing stories to enable consumers to make the right choices is what i love most. Combining my hunger to explore the world and sharing a positive mind-set with those who are interested. This website shows you my personal experiences as a student, blogger, foodie and photographer. Take a while to scroll around and hopefully get inspired. As a social person I always love to hear any remarks or comments!


My first cookbook is out now! A delicious cookbook that challenges you into becoming a salad expert. Enjoy making healthy meals and getting creative is not that hard. Excited? Click here to get more info. You can always send an email to .


Author: Freshdelishlifestyle

An inspired and enthusiastic student. Passionate about cooking and creating new content, idea's and blogs. Combining creative cooking skills with the critical perspective of a health and safety mindset and a plan to start a brand.

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