About me

Hello there!

My idea to start blogging all started with the idea to write my own cookbook, however as I have an ever changing mind a blog is a more suitable alternative as it is a never ending platform.

My way of life is certainly not the most normal, it is hectic, crazy and sometimes very exhaustive. I don’t choose the easy road very often which causes me end up in some interesting situations, whether negative or positive. But I always try to enjoy it by seeking the small, special moments and cherish these some extra. I never take no for an answer and love to engage with people.

For a long time I have been struggling with life in general but especially with food. It caused me to develop an eating disorder and brought me into a very big hole. However I picked myself up with help of many family, friends and relatives and choose to recover. Finding the motivation to enjoy life, be positive and love family, friends and food once again. And above all, love and develop myself.

Currently I’ m keeping myself busy as a Food and business student at the HAN in Nijmegen. It is the perfect study for my as it enabled my to obtain a broad knowledge of the food industry. Creating new products, developing recipes, learning how to market a concept, and so on. Courses like chemistry and quality management all give you a different level of understanding. Aside from the student itself I recently joined the PR team of my study. Helping out with getting Food&Business on the radar by blogging and intagramming about all the amazing workshops they organize and businesses they cooperate with. Already being a foodie I also cater for events and parties. Until recently I had my own chocolate company, however I had to step down due to the study. But instead of quitting I choose to become an all-round caterer, not only specializing in sweets. Catering for special events keeps being a wonderful thing to do, something I don’ t want to give up. So if the occasion arises I always take it on. Another passion photography and concept development. I design my own recipes and post them on my Facebook and Instagram with a beautiful picture. I seek to inspire people and make them happy. Cooking is a way to express this love. However I love create a broader idea as well. Working together with firms and companies to establish new and innovative ideas.

I hope to have given you a good first glance of my personality. This is me, I love myself and love developing. If you want to engage with me and create an idea you can always follow me or contact me on Facebook.