Daily Blogger

Daily posts

On Instagram I post small, daily updates about things occurring in my daily student life. Often it will be either food related or events that happen due to my exciting student existence. I never sit still and am always trying to discover new experiences which will enhance me as a person. Nice meals, a good laugh with friends or little adventures that happen to come across my path.

Weekly recipes

Apart from my daily posts I love to write somewhat more elaborate posts. Whether these are new and exciting recipes I have tried out with new ingredients or an opinionated post where I show my take on the latest trends. These are weekly posted on my Facebook page with a pretty visual of the results. The recipes contain a list of ingredients and a detailed instruction so they are easy to try yourself.

 Foodlog Intern

During the summer holidays I have been able to contribute to the independent news platform called Foodlog. I was able to start as an intern. Foodlog is a professional online news website posting all sorts content that is related to the latest ins and outs revolving around nutrition, health, food&drinks. Learning how to search and sort news on an intentional scale, contributing to the articles and updating content. Starting out by writing columns about food events helped to improve my professional writing skills. The learning curve has been enormous and has offered me more perspective into possible career options in the food industry. Critically reviewing current trends and food safety measures is something which should not be considered lightly. Making the world a sustainable and continuous place!

Some food event announcements written by me on Foodlog:
ZOO’n ZOOmer Food Festival
Proefpark Haarlem