Blogging for events, business and collaborating

Aside from being a freelance blogger I also have to pleasure to post regular updates about the latest Food&Business events as part of the PR team. By writing blogs about the latest in and out, workshops and events I hope the inspire and excite fellow students to engage more with extracurricular activities and develop themselves as true food fanatics.  These posts are very versatile , however they are always linked to promoting Food and Business as an amazing course.
Apart from being a HAN blogger I also enjoy to cooperate with interesting businesses. Whether this might be the branding of a particular similar mindset or product. I always look forward to engaging with new or existing food companies in order to establish an efficient marketing strategy.
Finally I would love to address the fact that I am always open for new collaborations with fellow bloggers. I love sharing my passion and enjoy creating content with multiple people. This way you can learn something new and excited so you can improve yourself.
Contact me if you are interested.

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